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Fitness can be an enjoyable, lifelong endeavor and the rewards can be magnified as a couple. Lou Roehn and Julie Space are America’s Fitness Couple, and they are proof that training together as a couple builds muscles and a loving relationship. Both originally from small towns in Pennsylvania, they met in Southern California after their careers brought them out West.

Their story is unique because their second careers as fitness competitors and their relationship began after the age 45. Julie being a corporate executive for many years and Lou as a healthcare professional, they always loved fitness and bodybuilding, but like a lot of people, their work consumed them in their twenties and thirties. They met in early 2015 and their love inspired each other to be compete in bodybuilding and coach others to get in the best shape of their lives.

Four years ago and I began training them for bodybuilding competition. Their passion and eagerness to learn were exciting, as well as, their athletic ability. Together, we built a team integrating all our talents.

Lou has worked many years as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist for a large hospital system and Julie as a marketing professional. Lou states, “I remember reading Frank’s first book in 1979, at 9 years old.” I knew right then, lifting and bodybuilding was something I wanted to do as a lifelong hobby and career. “As I grew up, I followed Frank’s career being intrigued and inspired by his academic and athletic achievement.”

Although Lou had early exposure to lifting, Julie’s primary routine was cardiovascular activities like elliptical and jogging. Interestingly, her first experience with strength training came in 2015 at the age of 50. Women bring great discipline and determination to the gym. Men may have a bit more experience and strength with the weights, but women possess amazing finesse and tend to be great students when learning new exercises or techniques. Many women also possess a great strength/mass ratio.

This is case for Julie as a former gymnast. Julie states, as a petite woman, “I didn’t know I could be good at lifting and bodybuilding  and once I learned, I loved it.” “It’s a great blend of art and sport and involves your mind as much as your muscles.” Julie took 1st at a San Diego natural show in 2015 and 2nd in Venice Beach (Physique Open, Short) in 2015. She enjoys competing in the Physique class because you must be proficient at 5 mandatory poses.

Lou has also placed well in big competitions like Venice Beach placing 3rd in 2015 and 2016 in Open Heavy wt. class. He also competed last year in the Mr. America show in Baltimore, MD. His competition weight is 200 lbs. now at 47 years old, and an interesting fact since he weighed 245 in his mid-twenties. Lou and Julie plan to compete in couple’s bodybuilding events this year. Additionally, they support me in developing and delivering my 91 Day Wonder Body Seminars, my Posing Seminars and Fitness Retreats for individuals, corporations and groups. Although the couple enjoys competing at national competitions, their first love is teaching couples and people of all ages the path to safe and rewarding exercise for a lifetime. They are trained and certified by myself and they are committed to teaching my LEARN bodybuilding equation. Being competitive master athletes, they know the importance of comprehensive wellness and specialization programs and are passionate about sharing it with others.

They recently opened, along with me and my wife Christine- the Total Fitness Rx in Newport Beach, CA. The fitness center celebrates the art of building the body through historic bodybuilding photos, posters, and artwork on the walls. It also features my wife Christine’s’ beautiful paintings and jewelry from around the world by talented designers. We have designated ourselves as “Curators of physical and personal growth” and you can pick up my books, magazines and other training support materials while you are at Total Fitness Rx to fuel your bodybuilding journey.

Total Fitness Rx is also an equipment showroom/training studio which is a complete learning center modeled after my training studio in San Diego. We feature state of the art equipment like a Vectra Functional Trainer, Hoist V-1, and FZ Leg Blaster and you can also pick up our “Total Fitness Rx Kit” that gives you everything you need for a comprehensive home workout. Along with these exciting ventures, we are also designing “Zane Home Gyms” and installing them throughout L.A., Hollywood and Orange County. If your summer travels take you to southern California, make sure you stop at the Total Fitness Rx and meet America’s Fitness Couple.

For more information on training at Total Fitness Rx, contact Julie Space at 949-415-8740.

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